Gosh damn it I just want to go hang out with ppl but I’m a weenie and don’t ask anyone to do things so I’m just going to continue sitting in my room watching movies Steve Buscemi is in

You can come over to my house bby

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going to see KISS today

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I have a lot of mixed feelings about leaving in a couple of months. I’m excited because I get to experience something else, but I’m going to miss my friends and family. It’s scary growing up and moving out.

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Honningbarna ffs!

Honningbarna ffs!

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A guy sent me a picture of his weed with the text “welcome to california”.

Oh my God. A friend of mine put my snapchat-nickname out on 4chan. I’ve received 15 snaps of naked bodies and penises the last 7 minutes.

Come on, tell me something funny.

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